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Architecture project 1.4 : the Future
Architecture project 1.4 : the Future

Blessing punk (a portmanteau of “Blessing” and “punk”) is a subgenre of science fiction that focuses on “”Believe” Technology. It is
derived from cyberpunk, but focuses on the implications of using a believe and ornament as apriority for people to show off their technology. Something can be worth less but in a collective society it become priceful.

Branding city This is an alternative system that completely contrasts with the local community which shows the problem of having a dominant business on a bigger scale. Choosing 7-11 because it is an obvious example of a dominant business in Thailand. The point of this city is to reflect the idea of what good from the dominant business which the outcome showing that dominant business give freedom to their customers but not for the smaller business competition By sperate each convenience store section into an urban planning section example, the cashier turns into a commercial zone. city structure by self-selection so the city will layout as a block in which the context will be a unique form. Which people will be able to choose what they want by themself. This shows how people can choose by their own preference.

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